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Each medical specialty has its own coding/billing guidelines and combination set for reimbursements, always choose an experienced team having in-depth understanding of the governing rules /regulations and industry standards for a particular specialty. AMDsol has worked with many specialties and multi-specialty clinics.


Below list of medical specialties where we have vast knowledge and are our core expertise:


•    Ophthalmology                                                                                    •    Optometry

•    Orthopedic Surgery                                                                             •    Orthopedics

•    Otolaryngology (ENT)                                                                          •    Pediatrics

•    Podiatry                                                                                               •    Physical Medicine and

•    Rehabilitation                                                                                      •    Pulmonary Medicine

•    Urology                                                                                                •    Substance Abuse

•    Chiropractic                                                                                         •     Internal Medicine

•    Community Health                                                                               •     Oncology






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