Medical Billing Services


Revenue leakages and enhance the collection with lesser denials, chose AMDSol as we provide services to collect payments rendered by health care providers by submitting and following up claims with insurance organizations. Our goal is to minimize errors to maximize profitability as more control will cause more profits.  


 AMDSol is an end-to-end solution for revenue cycle management which is accommodating more than 32 specialties. Our skillful staff manages your complete billing operations from claim formation, faster submission, quick follow-up, appeals, payment posting, reporting and consistently guiding practice staff to get you paid 35% faster and that too with 6% extra money. We have skilled our team with the latest technology and operative excellence to upgrade your billing procedures, regardless of your specialties whether they are a multi-specialty group or a single practice. 


This guarantees our 96% claim acceptance and submission percentage which assists you to get paid more rapidly. It also enhances the probability of claim acceptance and payments on the first submission to help you to collect faster. We try our level best to reduce denials but if denial occurs, our enthusiastic team of professionals solves this issue on their end and adds solutions to our database in order to prevent future denials for any AMDSol provider.


Our team of experts is ever ready to accommodate your issues like fee schedule review and assessment, eligibility verification, assistance with EDI, ERA and Provider Enrolment; digital and paper claims submission, account management, secondary insurance billing, and incoming patient’s calls. In addition, we also provide old account recovery, referral, and authorization alert, charge entry, posting of insurance and patient payments, insurance follow up, patient statement handling and posting, denials assessment and management, appealing for all denials or low paid claims, management reports and appointment scheduling services to our valuable clients.


We consider your working hours and set up metrics accordingly to provide our services on time and efficiently. We provide reduced dropouts with appointment reminders. 



We provide services to our clients in order to keep Checks on their patients to deliver them the best health care services. Here at AMDSol we assist you to verify your patient’s insurance benefits with a single click. With readable and printable reports and sharing information with patients, you can enhance your revenues and profits.



In the health care sector, pre-certification or pre-authorization is compulsory for every private health organization. In this regard, we provide timely pre-certification or pre-authorization details from insurance companies to help you to run your business smoothly. Make a proper choice and select to avail best services, any wrong selection might cost you and cause too many expenses.  Our reimbursement experts assist you to remain updated about these issues and their solutions, so be relaxed with our services.



With the need of time, our experts keep our system and services updated with latest changes in the healthcare industry standards. In the modern and digital world, the language of coding is considered more suitable in the medical sector. Our experts are using Current Procedural Terminology and ICD codes in order to store and maintain the data. These codes are updated annually and semi-annually to keep the system updated with current requirements in the healthcare sector. We have comprehensive knowledge of coding, compliance and reimbursement rules allow us to provide more effective and efficient services for our valuable clients.



In the healthcare industry, we are best known for medical billing and charge capturing with our up to the minute services. Our billing experts make sure to reduced billing errors as they utilize the latest billing technology and software. We offer template based encounters to capture the maximum number of patient visits. We also run regular audits of the billing system in order to guarantee transparency of the system.



Claim generation and submission process are considered to be time taking and critical which embraces loads of your staff. Let’s give us a chance to take care of these tasks with effective and energetic experts who use the latest mechanisms to reduce denial ratio and to catch duplicates. We offer digital submission, verification and advance identification to enhance your revenues and profitability.



Here at AMDSol we post every sort of received payment like EBOs and EFTs from insurance companies, banks, credit cards, and even cash order to maintain your payment records and streamline we provide all printed reports of your remittances in standard formats. We keep you updated with underpayment and denials as well and we follow up to turn it in complete acceptance and payments. We have the ability to post multiple patient payments at a time with a fully functional and professional team of experts and the latest technology.



AMDSol helps you to run AR assessments, regular follow-ups and reporting services in order to lessen your worries about denials and underpayments. We have the capability to claim paper and digital modes of insurance for patient’s payments. We hold aging analyses, process coding assessments, and insurance assessments and much more. We have kept our system very simple and personalized in order to save your expenses and efforts.



We help you to run aggressive and systematic follow-up procedures to maintain your finances and avoid any kind of misshape in finances through underpayments or denials. For this purpose, we use a digital reminder system and telehealth technology.  We provide a patient portal in order to keep them connected with you and to make them aware of the latest information about health issues. We help our clients to reduce their bad debts with our outstanding follow-up system.



We help our clients to produce outstanding aging reports of patients for splendid claims and follow-up with insurance carriers. We capitalize possible minimum time of 45-50 days for obtaining DOS. We use every kind of tools like phone calls, emails, and letters, etc. to follow up for claim submissions and acceptance. We run routine monitoring and maintaining systems to produce reports for our valuable clients regarding follow up and outcomes.



We analyze every denial of insurance claims deeply in order to make improvements and increase the functionality of our system and run regular follow up procedures to convert denials into real claims. We introduce control measures to avoid such issues in future billing processes. With our outstanding efforts, we have maintained 48/96 hours turnaround time for converting denials to acceptance. We offer printable and quick access to reports in order to keep tracking and making adjustments in billing processes.



AMDSol provides credentialing services for every kind of federal or commercial payers including MCR, MCD, and Tricare to provide facilitation to our clients. We are always in a hurry to complete your tasks with lesser time, in this regard instead of submitting primary requests we directly approach REP in your area to avoid delays in payments. We recognize healthcare providers quickly which are selected by patient for Medicare or medication. Our services and tools are useful for multiple departments or teams to enhance their productivity and efficiencies.


A/R Management

AMDSol offers Active, Focused and result oriented A/R management for your healthcare services and try to not allow it to turn into bad debt. With our outstanding billing and appointment services, you do not have to worry about lingering numbers in your account receivables. Utilize our experience in A/R management and we will resolve you’re A/R issues within 3-4 months.


AMDSol A/R Management Services

AMDSol offers A/R management services including Follow up calls, solving denial issues, resubmission for denied claims, payment posting, patient bills and reporting in order to reduce your denials and underpayment ratios and increasing efficiency of your management for handling finances effectively.


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