What Is AMDSol

AMDSol is a medical billing organization that is making the life of healthcare providers easy and tension free. We do not just work as a third party, but in providing you billing services we try to own your business to make sure that even a single claim should not remain unpaid and clients do not face any denials. We make sure to accommodate all the stakeholders in efficient manners to maintain your confidence and quality.

What we do

Practice Management

Increase the productivity of enterprise by focusing on scheduling, aptness, intelligent billing, reporting and more...

Medical Billing Services

Makes the cash flow and payment procedures easier and faster. It also increases the chances of making the services more affordable....

Electronic Health Record

An EHR integrated PM that is easy to use and customizable on need. Its optimization increases quality, performance and ...

Specialty EHR

Provide billing service related to all healthcare specialties Ready to use. Easy to Modify ,Pain management ,Family Practice, Emergency...

Patient Services

Helps in the setting of appointments without hassle to help identify self-pay patients and prevent the chances of denials...

24/7 Live Support

Customer care and are always ready to listen from your side. We at AMDSol Billing provide 24/7 customer care and are always ...

Key Benefits

Decrease Denial

First submissions are accepted at a higher rate with our services which then result in the decrement of denial ratios and increase of profitability.

Increase Revenue

A noticeable improvement can be seen after installation of our services. Results are expected to reach 10 to 20% growth rate in the first quarter of the year.

Good on Pocket

The billing services are not only affordable but they can also help in the saving of $20K on an annual basis . AMDSol offers a great value for your collection and can save upto25k .

Denial Handling

The appeals and complaints regarding the denied claims can be handled pro-actively with maximum follow-up on a regular time interval basis.

Flexible Pricing

We provide services that can be amended to fit the price range that is suited by the client. Collection percentage, pay-per-claim, and fixed monthly price packages make the claiming of the services easier.

No hidden agendas

Regularly generated reports with a daily summary eliminate the chances of error and provide transparency in the billing procedure.

Customer satisfaction

A dedicated team is working at our firm that believes customers to be the ultimate reason for the success of the company. We are willing to help you out in every way possible.

Multi-specialty billing

All medical specialties can get benefitted from our facilities . Every Medical specialty has its own coding and medical billing guidelines AMDSol team having excellent knowledge regarding each specialty

Our Process