Patient Services


With AMDsol we authenticate patient’s insurance eligibility in advance and collect patient service fee at the time of service.


We keep your patients informed about existing appointments through emails, texts, and calls. We also schedule new appointments to help your patients for containing the best level of health.


We facilitate your clients for online applications for appointments, checking insurance eligibility, updating test results on time and maintaining their records to apply educational materials for updating their health status in the process of subscribing them for medical services. With our services, you can avail facilities such as improved patient fulfillment, easy disease management, easy data sharing with patients and referring providers, HIPPA compliance, streamlined workflows, pay for performance and quality initiatives, and complimentary patient care services.


Complimentary Advance Eligibility

To avoid denials and help to identify self-pay patients, we provide free advance eligibility for next day appointments.


Patient Scheduling

AMDsol provides you the opportunity to handle your patient scheduling at only $99.99/ month (per provider).

We have highly qualified teams of experts, who perform things step by step to make sure that you have gained maximum potential revenues. Our job is to answer patient’s calls for medical appointments and our front office staff collects the key information from patients. We keep trail of provider’s schedule, carry out prior eligibility, regulate plan coverage, obtain referrals, calculating patient responsibility beforehand, and setting alerts for both office and providers about billing concerns.


Preparing/dispatching patient statements and post patient payment collections. Our theme is profit maximization with cost minimization.





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