Electronic Health Record

Electronic Medical records EMRs

Electronic medical records are a digital version of patient’s medical record available in clinician’s office that can be all the medical history, treatment history records, lab results and tests done for the diagnosis of any disease. EMRs are prioritized over paper records as it allows the clinician to

•   Track data from time to time

•    Easy identification of patients due to screening or checkups

•    Straightforward assessment of patients on specific parameters such as blood pressure reading or vaccinations

•    Monitoring and improvement in overall quality care of the patients within the practice

EMRs are different from EHRs as the latter can be shared with other concerned persons and departments involved in patients’ health care.

Electronic health records EHRs

Electronic health records are digitalized, real-time history of patient’s health that provides instant and secured access to authorized users.

EHRs are more than the Medical records; they comprise all the medical history of a patient, which makes it more vast and useful. EHRs can be shared with other health care providers, such as laboratories and specialists.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a better and improved solution for clinical operations. It is a transformed health care to keep the record of a patient’s chart paper.

The management of clinical functions such as patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medication, allergies, treatment plans, and laboratory and test results is not a piece of cake for medical practitioners. It consumes a lot of energy and devotion to handle the data of multiple patients on a daily basis. As a whole, from appointment schedules to final payment, everything needs to be taken care of. With this increased workflow, it is impossible to manage an error-free record of every patient separately. That is why ADMSol has come up with an easily approachable and effective solution to provide you the assistance of secure and improved quality care for your specialty. It is a recognizable management suite that handles a patient’s journey with advanced features and reduced errors.

Pain is a significant cause that is driving people to access healthcare systems. They are looking for 24-hour available services. Our management solution provides various benefits that perfectly fit the requirement of patients and physicians. It also allows direct electronic communication to improve the patient-doctor relationship as well.

The numerous and handful of advantages provided by EHR services makes it essential and top priority in every medical department. Its multiple uses are targeting different sections to lessen the workload of doctors so that they can pay complete attention to the patient.

Document management system

AMDsol has an advanced document management system which enables its users to incorporate electronic and paper document in the patient’s chart in real time. We provide 24/7 access with maximum information security to your patient documentation.

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