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Medical Transcription Services

Being a medical personal means running out of time due to the pressure of work. It is not easy to manage the check-up and other health-care facilities in the short time that is elementary to save lives. Our medical transcription services have figured out new ways to make the procedure of medicine prescription easier for the doctors. Introduction of audio and video dictation facilitates the doctors and prevents the extra task of writing down every prescription thus saving time and effort. With the wide range of devices available in the market, it was only necessary that we introduce the transcription services that are not bound to a certain gadget. Handhelds, mobiles, laptops, and tablets are a few of the items that can be used for this service.

We have designed this stunningly accurate device with the help from medical professionals. Addition or removal of features can be made possible to tailor the services to your requirement. Even though doctors are situated behind the scenes, it is possible for the medics to not be familiar with the right ways to use the gadgets, therefore, we provide training to install and implement our application. These services are free of cost thus keeping the financial limitations in check.


Managing accuracy while maintaining patient trust:

With many services available in the market, it is easy to figure out the companies that are actually working to provide good quality work despite the device that is used by the medic. We ensure you to provide 99% accuracy in our application because we know that reputation is very much important in the medical field.


Transcription services by AMDSol:

A customized solution for every client is our specialty. The services can be amended to fit the needs of doctors and the medical facility that is using it. Generally, our services include:

1-    Dedicated database for transcriptions

2-    Accuracy and precision in all documents

3-    24 Hours customer service to all clients

4-    Editing and updating transcription features

5-    Creation of a safe and secure account

6-    Choice of Audio and Video transcriptions

7-    Issues & problems resolution on a priority basis




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